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118. Success isnt pretty. Tiger Woods on display.


success isn't prettySome how, some where the reality of high performance; the shock of achievement; and the “wait what” of success completely got off track. Everyone seems to not realize that being successful is hard, you have to get dirty rather often, and the process is completely exhausting.   Whether you are an athlete trying to get better, or a student trying to learn a subject, or boss trying to scale or grow a company,

117. Beating the odds with Thom Shea

By the way, the odds are never in your favor. The odds of success are always tipped away from your idea working out. In any athletic endeavor there are and will always be chances of loss. And you see that year end and year out that even in a pro football game a team can be down 3 touchdowns and everyone is betting on the team losing and they pull it out.

116. Real Toughness with Thom Shea

Each of us has inside an indomitable spirit. This spirit has the capacity to endure tough times. This spirit has the ability to build us up from the ashes of failure. This spirit will love so deeply it will amaze you. This spirit however does not live on the surface of our lives. It must be acquired through diving into rough times and only surfaces right before you drown. That is the way of it.

115. Team Leadership and Structure with Thom Shea

How big should your leadership team be?

For the past 28 years my experience in team driven missions has been with small, highly selective, very highly training individuals who team up for the sole purpose of execution of a mission. Little did I know how every maneuverable, effective, and decentralized this type of team is when compared to the big, highly political, and less training and more emotionally organized team that is competitively organized to maintain market share.

114. Culture of Unified Action


Culture is the hot topic of the day. Whether it be political, economical, business, at the gym, or even at home, culture is the new topic. It is a rather old idea that is newly recycled with a nice catchy word like culture.

Learn a Skill that matters

I have just returned from a week long trip to West Point and was reading an article on the state of our economy and the solution was culture.

113. Do epic things and get after your life with Thom Shea

The difference between the ones at the top of their field and the other people isn’t genetics, isn’t where they went to school, isn’t family upbringing, isn’t luck.

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The difference is that the top people actually are trying to do something they cannot do. They are doing epic things when everyone else is trying to just survive.

Can you imagine what your life would actually be like if you learned to do epic things,

112. Never go alone, the brotherhood of the SEAL teams with Martin Strong

Honoring the Brotherhood of the SEAL Teams. Marty Strong and I discuss the Teams and how to survive retirement.

Get into the mind of the author of numerous warrior stories with a true Navy SEAL brother and warrior. 

Pre-order Death before Dawn

In the post 9/11 world of special operations the Navy SEALs establish a reputation for excellence, courage, and fortitude. But for Lieutenant Matthew Barrett,

111. High Performance for the Tactical Athlete with Adam Lareau

Founded by former US Navy SEALs, O2X’s comprehensive curriculum targets the specific issues facing tactical populations including high rates of injury, elevated cancer and cardiac health risks, and behavioral health issues commonly associated with high-stress work environments.

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What you’ll find in the book:

Our science-backed EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology

The role of nutrition in optimizing performance

The principles of movement,

110. SEAL Combat Leadership: Bring Everyone Home.


It has been 10 years now, since I lead SEALs into combat. Ten years since utter clarity.

Yes you did hear that correctly. Combat to great leaders is simple and clear. Taking SEALs into combat was for me a brilliant culmination of 20 years in the SEAL teams.

Combat leadership as I reflect on it had five elements to it. They will not be what you expect to hear.

109. A Measurable Life with Thom Shea

A Measurable Life


Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): the Design of Human Performance

 The Training Starts Now

There are Five Measurable factors in your life. We call these aspects “The Five Pyramids of Human Performance.” Our notion is that Human Performance ultimately is a measure of achieving results in the Five Pyramids of Human Performance┬«. To achieve these five results we find it necessary to access five “tools”: Intentionality,